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Thread: Leadership transfer between inactive players

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    Leadership transfer between inactive players

    Hi, due to inactivity of alliance members leadership was auto transferred to next in honor. Unfortunatly both top players are inactive so leadership is autotransferred between them weekly. Could you please transfer alliance leadership to my account pls, as i am only active remaining R4. Thanks!

    Id 11801505

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    Dear Liege
    Please wait 7 days and the Leadership will be automatically shifted to one of the R4 members. Thank you.

    Best Regards

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    Hi James, thank you for your reply.

    Is there any way to ensure leadership will be transferred to Tashrellanka, as all the other R4's and R5 have been inactive for over a month? Or is it random, possibly resulting in the same problem as we have right now?

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    Problem has been resolved. Thank you!

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    Hello James

    My alliance seems to be having the same issue as above.. all other R3 and R4 all seem to be random users or inactive... how can we move more active players into those roles...

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    My alliance had the same problem.

    The person that created the alliance never promoted anyone. So, when they were inactive for a week - the first person that joined the alliance got promoted to host.

    But, they don't know how to be leader either so they haven't promoted anyone. And...they have been inactive for a day now.

    No alliance activity except people 'helping' each other has happened.

    I would leave but I've put too much into this alliance already (over 80k honor) and I am ranked number one for the second week in a row.

    Could I be swapped in as host?

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    I don't know which server I am on but my ID is 90296082 and the alliance is called 'Idk'

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    Hello again,

    From what I understood - the game should have promoted the person in the alliance with the highest honor after the host was idle for seven days.

    That did not happen, instead the first person listed in the members list (no one had been promoted at all by the original host) got promoted to host.

    I have been the player with the highest honor in the alliance for the entire ten days since the alliance was created but since there is no active person leading we are missing out on almost all of the advantages that being in an alliance bring.

    Again, I have invested too heavily into this alliance to just leave and if the current host remains inactive (or worse yet disbands the alliance and quits) I will lose all that I have invested in time and money.

    Could someone please address this soon.

    ID is 90296082 and the alliance is called 'Idk'

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