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Thread: Maintenance

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    Could you stop extending the timer and get the game running again?! It's been 3 more hours already (so about 4-5 hours in total by now) and since it's in the middle of KE, people need to maintain their shields. 😡

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    oh so it isn't just my game freaking out, it is annoying me to high hell, I don't know how long it has been going cause I woke up about 2 hrs ago (British), I'm just hoping that they dont mess up and people lose shield/upgrades canceled (I have keep 24 and academy 23 going)

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    5 and a half now... If it lasts the timer, 6 hours.... We have throne open now... Big ass failure...

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    I am unable to make an update without creating any pay wagers. The only thing they know they do well and that nobody knocks them is taking our money, in that case there is not even a weekend

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    Like always their support and information is crap!!! Getting really tired of their disrespect for their players

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    There better be a great "we are sorry gift" in my mail when I get on.

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    The only positives of the new update I can see is the new arabia culture means there will be a new batch of good subs

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    Great... another 15m added to the timer.... It better be more than the 500 gems and 100 hours of speedups we got for China screwup....

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    Atleast for the china screw up it was no more than an hour and 99% of the older server players weren't effected so we got them for no reason, this is starting to severely piss me off (sorry for the vulgar language but it is appropriate for this situation)

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    Well considering the obscene amounts of money spent, we're within rights to be very heated and having choice words at this point...

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    I just want answers it makes it worse the fact that no one has a clue wtf is going on

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    Someone? Anyone? Just added another 15 min...

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    I just swore very loudly it made the cat jump lol. I dont think ive ever had a problem with maintenance this badly, not even in age 1 or 2 when they did it every other week, at least then they told you way in advance.

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    OMFG they just added another half hour

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