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Thread: WTF is wrong with the game????

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    WTF is wrong with the game????

    Could you please fix the freaking game or atleast give information when its up running!!!!!
    If i loose troops on this i will sue your asses!!!!!

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    There was an in game email sent to all players stating the game would be down for updates........

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    And if you are not on to get that email??? As it was shurely sent in the middle of the night(my time). They should consider giving a rats ASS for other players except for US ones...and fucking put it on a media that every on can see. Or why not use this freaking forum for it.....

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    The email went out about 5 hours before scheduled update. Said it would be down for 2 hours. With the current timer, it's now gonna be down at least 7 hours (probably more at this rate)... Lucky for us we rein throne before it went down, so it'll probably be safe. However some servers are starting SVS. People have 2nd queue burning empty. This is a monster screw up...

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