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Thread: RSS not nearly enough level 10 tiles

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    RSS not nearly enough level 10 tiles

    This game makes it super hard to pay the absurd cost of all RSS nedded for any upgrade. It's nearly impossible to gather enough with out level 10 tiles. To many low level ones, I get it no way to make the RSS we have to spend money. You really need to drop more of the 10. This game is losing Popularity because of the poor customer service and the constant ways it is money grubbing its customers

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    You are correct. But the developers are either too inept too figure out how to reprogram the format they pirated (just guessing because they don't appear smart enough to have written themselves) or don't intend on the game being around long. I've seen a number of good ideas on how to improve game play for smaller players but not even an acknowledgement. These people either don't care or are simply just not that smart

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