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Thread: Same for everyone?!

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    Same for everyone?!

    Like most players I get rather discouraged by the fact that your rate of progress in the game depends on how deep your pocket is. If you are not willing or able to spend a lot of money then you are basically cannon fodder and you will most likely get so discouraged that you quit the game before ever getting very far. So why not create a SUBSCRIPTION-ONLY server where you pay a reasonable monthly fee but CANNOT buy any other benefits? Then it would really be the same for everyone, and your progress would depend on how much you play and your game strategy instead of how rich you are. It would also be a totally different game, slower, no-one would be reaching the highest levels so quickly, and there would be much less spread in the field. Lack of constant adverts would also vastly improve the gaming experience. I guarantee the interest would be enormous and I guarantee people would be playing longer on average. Willing to give it a try??

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    Great idea. It would also provide " the developers" with a steady flow of income. But they would probably charge $200 a month for such a thing. Do you realize what some of these "big" players spend. I say this with a straight face, there are people with accts they have over $20,000 invested in on our server. I don't know if "the developers" would ever consider such a move. It isn't about customer service or long term revenue. They care about one thing and that's the most they can make in the least amount of time. On average I would say it takes a year for a server to get enough max level players that the biggest spenders no longer have an unbeatable advantage. Then they simply move to a new server and start over.

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