Way back on 27th April I lost a lot of resources from my account Realm 2.0 (billions of each resource and screenshot evidence to prove this) without any reason and I would like it back.
Since initially submitting my request all I have had is emails saying we are investigating and will get back to you then we haven't heard from you within 3 days so case closed.
This is no longer acceptable and today Evony customer support have entirely deleted my correspondence to them.
From the initial communication (before Evony Customer Services deleted it) as requeted at the start I have given picture evidence, replied to your questions, you have checked that I have not cheated or abused terms of Evony (or my account would have been deleted / removed by now) and all I ask for now is that which was mine be returned to me.
Evony has had long enough to make a decision so I now ask for your response, not a computer generated one, but one with a solution and a settlement.
The only thing Evony Customer Support is consisting of saying to me by system message is that they are aware of the problem and will get back to me, which you don't, then send a message saying we haven't heard from you in 3 days so matter closed!
An answer would be appreciated.
An unhappy player on Server14 / player name Realm2.0