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Thread: Game glitches cause truce to disappear, My City to be attacked and great loss to me

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    Angry Game glitches cause truce to disappear, My City to be attacked and great loss to me

    I don't know what to do anymore i really enjoy playing with all my friends but this game just sucks you dry with all the money it takes to play and have any power.
    I always have a truce on my city. In fact my alliance jokes st me. I placed 8 hour truce on my keep, logged off for a few hours logged back in to find my city had been teleported no bubble on it. I had been attacked repeatedly by lucasent a Alliance player of much more power than my city. My power ranking at the time I was attacked was at 5.8 million.
    My combined rss total in food,stone,wood and ore was approximately 400. Million. My gold was at 10 million. Not to mention the three subs cities that where also taken. I have only been playing for a few months but in this short amount of time I have spent approximately 800.00 dollars. I know that it was through no fault of mine that I lost all of the money I spent as well as all the hard work building up my keep. Your game is constantly having all kinds of glitches. I am asking that you make it right by me, that I be compensated for my lost power and for myths lose of my rss. If not you will lose a good paying customer that loves playing the game with my friends. I am very upset at how the customer service for this game treats its customers. As soon as this happened I immediately contacted customer service and was basically brushed off, ignored I was sent some generic message repeatedly not answering or helping me in anyway. Then by asking me for battle reports. Which by the way I don't know how but they are gone. Please help me to recover my power,rss,gold and sub cities.

    Queen Gwyneed
    Marisela Siordia
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