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Thread: Nap, no attack policy

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    Nap, no attack policy

    We have an NAP currently placed in our kingdom server. Meaning no attacks on other alliance members or tiles. Other than during KE, killing event. It stipulates that the kingdom server will remove you from the game should anyone breach this policy. Yet my members as well as myself can't find that policy. My server is 52.

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    That doesn't exist in the game's terms and conditions.

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    NAP is basically something that the current king can institute. But, if anyone breaks one of the kings rules, really the only thing that they can do is give that person a negative title. Which really doesn't effect a whole lot. Most of the negative buffs that can be assigned, can be easily overcome with a few boss battles.

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    The NAP is a Policy decided by the current King. It is not an official game policy. You can choose whether or not you and your alliance observe the policy or whether you want to ignore it. The real question is whether or not you'd be able to hold you own against an attack from the King's alliance should you disobey their rulings.

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    Outline for pdf typer

    We have the rules of our server determined by the council of the leaders. So we have the final NAP hours between the end of SvS and KE.

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