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    $0.99 purchases, More Package options ( I shouldnt have to wait for weekends or holidays to get a good deals and there are few Packages, always having 2 or 3 same priced ones in their range but different type of package. Its been giving two or three options only for 49.99 or 99.99 deals then the other packages are absolutely not worth it), better Whisper options, being able to send full reports through mail not whisper, a sent tab in mail, theres been some lagging in game, a couple crashes here and there, Alliance rank baddges for monarch picture and in chat, Better monster rewards. Easier gobblins, like a lvl one requires about 15k archers? And lvl 2 and 3 ive seen are same rewards as lvl 1... FULL SCREEN MODE OR HIDE EVERYTHING ON SCREEN SO I CAN SEE MAP, Faster scouting buffs, more not so girly castle decorations. Yes absolutley would be nice to get reports from sub cities and even from portaled ones.
    Thanks James for reading.

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    There should be a monster leaderboard and a resource gathering leaderboard.

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