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Thread: Where to get crafting blueprints

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    Where to get crafting blueprints

    Ive looked in stores and packs and don't see them anywhere.

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    I know how to you use.

    How do you get them?

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    Different levels of forge can create different items no blueprint just materials you need to craft items

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    There is also the compose material function you can perform by going to your items and clicking on equipment then choose one of the crafting items and choose compose. you have to have 3 of one of the items to compose. when done composing an item of 3, they go away and create 1 of the next higher level.

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    Scrolls come from high level boss monsters

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    First you upgrade your Forge. I forgot what forge level it is for first yellow ( don't even bother with first yellow general gear) Forge level 17 gets you second yellow and Forge level 21 gets you the last yellow. To get the scrolls to craft the items you need a combination of monsters are relics. I'd try my luck with the monsters before I go relic

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    When you say high level. How high? Also When taking down a monster like say a level 7 shows that I have a medium chance alone but I rally with others on the monster does that still mean we all have a medium chance or does that go up?

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    I think 8 is warrior 9 is hero and 10-11is king scrolls.

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