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Thread: Building alliance city

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    Building alliance city

    What are the steps to building an alliance city?

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    Start an alliance building and then reinforce it.. I just don't like the 24 hour time limit.

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    khalessi13 also you need to reach the minimum of 50/50 members in the alliance (the maximum of 50 can be upgraded)

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    Then you have a day to complete it.

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    Are we going to fill the hp to complete the construction?

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    If you reach the minimum member requirement and build the city, does the alliance lose the city if the member count drops below 50?

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    How do you increase the level of alliance buildings

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    You don't. It stays like that forever

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    How do you speed up the building of the Alliance City?

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    Hallo kann man die Allianz Stadt abreißen ohne das Lager und die Mine zu verlieren Gruß Mr.Hydra

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    How to incrase alliance city construction?

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    To reach level 2 alliance city donate resources to the warehouse. Once you reach the required amount of resource you can upgrade your alliance building to level 2

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    Reviving an old thread with a question. What are the step-by-step procedures to build an alliance city. What am I selecting to put down? And what do i do to construct it within the 24 hours? The only thing I can see right now is an alliance banner

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    Does anyone know why my banner keeps being destroyed, even by R3's?

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