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Thread: Troops strength

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    Troops strength

    I am trying to figure the difference in troops strength between T1 all the way to T10. I currently have T6 troops n had a guy port on me n wipe me with T10 troops and he used less troops than i had n beat me. My hero strength was 150k better than his and my sub city power more than tripled his and i still lost n i lost Big time too just because he had T10 troops. So i need to know the difference in troop strength so next time ill know when to bubble. I dont see why there should be that big of a difference in tier troops.

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    you know if you tap on your barracks it will tell you the stats of your troops from T1 to T10.

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    King Durian.

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    The next question then I guess would be, with buffs and enhancements, how would you determine the enemies teir troup strengths?

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    I'll let you figure out the math to that.

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