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    How does range work because when I send siege to a boss they get always killed and do they not have the best range?

    And do somebody know what is the range(size) from the battle field?

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    You never send siege to a boss rally ever. That's your first mistake. If you want to know how range your siege units have then go check the siege barracks

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    That the range from siege are 1400 that do I know but why is there range in a battle if that don't matter in the battlefield

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    Siege units are only good for attacking Cities/players. Not sure how bosses work, but just using Ground/Ranged/Mounted against Monsters can result in zero losses if you match up the troop type vs troop type correctly.

    Example - Mounted>Ground

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    Lol I can take Zero losses when attacking certain boss monsters lol. Siege are good at attacking cities and gathering

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