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Thread: Rank up from civilian to Knight

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    Smile Rank up from civilian to Knight

    How do you rank up from civilian to knight when you already have 5,270 prestige??
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    You need to beat the lowest ranking player at the next rank. So beat the lowest ranked knight player

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    Just one battle because I have same problem and have beaten knight ranked players in battle buy still civilian

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    It's prestige. Get more prestige and you will rank up. You need mote prestige then the lowest ranking player of the knight rank to be promoted to knight.

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    Do you have to defeat a knight's city only or can you defeat them on a resource tile as well to get promoted?

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    Okay you need the beat the lowest ranking member to get promoted to knight. Let's say that the lowest ranking knight player has 50k prestige then you need to get 50,001 prestige before the refresh to get promoted to knight.

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