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Thread: Account Recovery

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    I had to reinstall game on my phone. Can you help me get my old account back please?
    old account ID: 58009162
    new ID: 59831081

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    I cannot log into my evony accts on Server 64 I need help ASAP my bubbles drop in 2-3 hours.

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    I'm still waiting for a response, guess I'm not gonna be playing this game anymore. I feel bad for the alliance I joined a week ago.

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    I have somehow lost access to my account as well on server 303 today. My old ID: 54606206. The one I had to make on same server is ID: 62367646. I would like my old account back as I don’t want to lose that hard work and money.

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    Please get my account back to me

    Account im trying to recover is ID 60134113. My new account ID 62394140. Im in same server right now as the account im trying to recover. I have my Facebook linked to my new account. I can provide any other info if needed. All pay receipts and everything else.

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    Hi, i was locked out of my account after your server updated. I have created a new account on same server as before. Please help to link my accounts so I can get back.
    New ID: 73717115
    Old ID: 70161245

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    I have wrote earlier but no response. I need help to recover my account, cannot access it because I accidentally unlinked the account and svs starts in less than 24hours.
    The account I wish to recover ID:51208619
    New account I created is ID:74215597 I will really appreciate if this is resolved before svs start thanks

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