Version 1.0.23 - 02/2017

New Content:
  • Introduced St. Patrick Package and Women's Day Package.

Bug Fix:
  • Fixed a bug that new players couldn't select a Culture to play.

  • Changed the Bounty Cave's payment option to non-subscription type.
  • Changed the world map's landscape to Summer Green.

Version 1.0.20 - 01/22/2017

New Content:
  • Spring Festival Events: Spring Festival is coming from Jan 26th until Feb 1st! Kill the Monster Nian with the help of Fireworks to earn your Spring Festival rewards! Fireworks must be used before troops marching.
  • Spring Festival Packages: Super valued Spring Festival deals that include Orange Historical Generals, Fireworks, General Skill Books and Equipment Materials!
  • Valentine Events: Valentine will begin from Feb 12th until Feb 18th! Players can receive Rose items from Roses Farms and Monsters on the world map.

  • Alliance Shop and Alliance Help: We adjusted the UI position of Alliance Shop and Alliance Help to make convenience for operation.
  • Rank Ranking: Following up on the last change, we made another improvement. Players now can earn the Rank as long as they reach the Prestige and Ranking requirement. Meanwhile, we detailed the Rank rules to make it more obvious to players.
  • Mine Icon: Improved the Mine’s icon so that it can be distinguished from the Quarry’s icon.
  • World Map: Greatly reduced the latency of scanning the world map.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that a blocked player’s message appeared in the world chat.
  • Fixed a bug that players couldn’t check details for 5 star General Equipment.
  • Fixed a bug that the Mounted Troops turned from horses to elephants under Europe Culture.
  • Fixed a bug that the resources tax item did not work after being used. The tax times from VIP benefits will be added each day at Server time 12 PM.

Value Balances:
  • Mounted Troops: Slightly increased Boss Monster’s damage to Mounted Troops. The Mounted Troops were too powerful in PvE battles. We have made this adjustment and will keep an eye on the subsequent effects.
  • General Attributes: We adjusted the General Attributes’ effect on battle. The General with high attack and defense attributes will now perform better in a battle.
  • Reduced the difficulty of Undead Invasion’s first 10 Waves: We just wanted to let players earn more rewards!
  • Increased the value of Walls HP recovery to let players recover their Walls faster.
  • Invite Rewards: To restrict the exploiting of the Invite Rewards, we reduced the rewards of below level 6, but greatly increased the rewards of above level 6.
  • Traps: Increased the Trap Buff from Technology and Trap effect.

Version 1.0.19 - 12/19/2016

New Content:

  • Invite Rewards: Players now can invite friends to play Evony and receive the Invite Rewards by inputting the Invite Code.
  • King’s Mail: The King of the Server now can send a group mail to the Top 100 Alliance Leaders. This function is a preparation for the future Server vs Server Wars!
  • New Generals: Introduced two new Generals, the Raged King and the Princess Lucy. They can be obtained from the Wheel of Fortune.
  • Christmas Events and Packages: Visit Santa, Kill Snowman Monsters and throw a Snowball to your enemies! Christmas events are coming, together with super valued deals!
  • Alliance Territory: R5 and R4 Alliance members can place an Alliance City for all the Alliance to get benefits within the Alliance Territory around it.
  • Decoration Function: Players can spend Gems on changing their castle’s appearance on the world map. Currently we have Christmas style and more will be coming in the future.
  • Mounted Troop Equipment: Introduced a new set of Mounted Troop Equipment to strengthen Mounted Troops.


  • General Skills Learning: Players now will be able to see the replacing rate before learning a new General Skill.
  • Rank Ranking: Offers a more obvious description for players to see their current rank ranking and the distance from the next promotion.
  • General Dismiss: The dismiss button is now in the General Detail interface instead of the General list interface. We do not want players to mistakenly dismiss their Generals anymore.
  • Alliance Notice: When editing the Alliance Notice, players do not need to input the whole text anymore. Editing is now much easier!
  • Black Market: Added a confirmation box before players buy items from the Black Market.
  • Winter World Map: Winter is coming, and the Evony land becomes snowy!
  • Castle Art Improvement: Improved the art appearance of the castles on the world map under Europe Culture.

Game Balance:

  • Wheel of Fortune: You can now win high leveled Materials, Monarch Gear and Gold from it!
  • Speaker: To prevent the alt spamming ads in the world chat, it requires now Keep Level 7 to use a Speaker. And we also increased the price of the Speaker but will increase the Speakers amount in packages.
  • Subordinate City Training: Greatly reduced the Gems cost of Troop Training in Subordinate Cities.
  • PvP Benefits: When attacking low leveled players, the loots will be reduced based on the Keep Level’s gap. We just wanted to protect low leveled players and rookie players.
  • Daily Rewards: When a Server is opened for the first 7 days, the Daily Rewards are increased!
  • Undead Invasion: Increased the rewards from Undead Invasion.