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Thread: Stuck at loading screen

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    Stuck at "checking new updates" with or without wifi. All other apps are opening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Penguin View Post
    same hereVFileZilla UC Browser Rufus , suddenly just got frozen on and cannot log back in no matter what. frustrating.
    I'm stuck too it's been over 2 hrs now. Don't try and tell me it's my connection as I am playing other games on my phone

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    For people still getting this issue, my brother tried checking for a game update, which didn't have any obvious effect. However, after that, he was able to sign in.

    My guess it contacted the servers and refreshed his client state, but idk
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    I am trying to log in for 24 hours, its stuck on after loading screen

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    Iíve been stuck on loading screen for an hour, itís not a internet problem. Whatís going on?

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    I m stuck at loading screen. Iím from server 209 . What do I do to get in back the game?

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    Iíve been stuck at the loading screen for hours now. In kingdom 417

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    I have been stuck at loading screen since this morning. I have tried downloading the game again but still the same problem.

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