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Thread: Please Read First.

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    I think I quit the game by accident

    I play on my tablet. I tried to play but got message sever maintenance. It gave option to try again or quit game. I clicked quit game thinking it just exit out but then it told me to pick a culture. I need make sure I didn't lose my account. I do not know my log info as my tablet automatically logs me in. My screen name is Bea$t and I am a member of RGS alliance. Please help my bubble is soon expiring!!!!!

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    Ayuda porfavor, cuenta perdida.

    Ayer perdí la cuenta, no pude volver a entrar. Invertí dinero en esa cuenta y no quiero perderla. Porfavor, ayudenme a recuperarla. Pierdo la protección en unas horas y, si me atacan, perderé todos los recursos.
    Servidor 464
    Ahora tengo la ID84470351

    Contacté con atención al cliente pero no me han solucionado nada aún.

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    I have had an issue in game ticket with zero reply to multiple requests for exactly one month

    That’s simply rubbish Customer service
    You asked me to reply and arvo logs, all five and then daily emails begging for a reply, any reply but still nothing

    Cmon please help? I shouldn’t have to login to a seperate forum to complain

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    I opened 27 super resource chests (1 million of each resource) and they disappeared. I did not get 27 million of each resource. Acct ID 43304000. Space FGR700.

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    My account is gone after uninstall and reinstall followed ticket instructions still havent heard anything in over a week .had fun playing and spent cash now it is going to be deleted

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    Hi, I can't get access to the ticket I created. So I can't read what you guys from support are writing back.
    How can I see my tickets if I can't see them in the game?

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