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Thread: Beating bosses w/o an alliance?

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    Beating bosses w/o an alliance?

    I love this game, but really prefer solo play at my own pace, versus an alliance. (Too much like work, with "boss"/responsibilities vs. Relaxation.)

    I tried an alliance, but its just not my thing. Feels more like work than play, so i left. But, it seems like the game is really geared for alliances....big bosses, even level 1 zombie, i can't beat solo, even though my general is higher ranked, all troops are 4 or higher, and I'm focusing on mounted units.

    If you want a relaxing, non-alliance game, what are the tips to beating bosses, if any?

    Ps I am not knocking alliances, the people were nice! This game is just my escape from work/hiarchy, so solo just works a little better for me....

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    Hi, if you want only attack bosses there īs just one basic rule. Use only mounted, one tier. That provides best result and low casualties. With t4 troops you should be able to kill Zombie without problems. Compare the power of the boss, in this case 36,5k, with your march power, that is the number behind two crossed swords at your attacking screen. There you see if you are stronger or not. BUT the result depends on other factors too. What can you improve:
    - train more troops
    - use general skills for mounted, upgrade general stars and cultivate him
    - use Monarch gear for mounted (Thunder)
    - research is crucial, focus on mounted
    I hope I didnt forgot something...
    Good luck

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    According to my experience, you need the march power to be at least twice that of the boss monster in order to win.
    So, to kill a Zombie (36.5k power) you need march power at least 73k.

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