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Thread: Never an answer

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    Never an answer

    Why is it when we have issues NO ONE ever answers when you send a message through support in the game. Does anyone actually work in support???
    I have been messaging about issues

    - The Viking challenge claimed I didnít do any even though I completed up to number 50 and since it didnít show me I didnít get to claim rewards.
    - translations are not working in email
    - all the avatars in my chat are the same one for everyone
    - I can not add photos to chat it keeps saying upload failure
    - the game keeps kicking me out and reload especially when I am in the middle of something.
    - once I submit a support message I can not get back to add or upload screenshots
    It tells me fail to reach comments try again

    The customer support is in need of help.
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    I have the same issuse no one responds from support.

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