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Thread: I lost lots of Gems due to the trust of the game statement

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    I lost lots of Gems due to the trust of the game statement

    I have encountered a issue in the game. Which is about the Promotion “Super Value Return”. I’ve purchased the welcome package of Edward the black Prince by spending 50000 gems and was waiting for the gems return as the statement promised.
    However, my account have already created for around 2 weeks. I get no gems back which the game broke the statement “Gems fully refund after 3 days” Despite there was a notice keep popping up to remind me there is a return package is waiting for me. The button on the claiming page does not work.

    I have tried everything such as update the version of Evony, restart the game, restart my phone, etc. None of those action helps.

    Can anyone help?

    MONARCH ID: 68281030

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    Sorry, my dear player. I suggest you do as follows:
    1. Submit your issue with screenshots in the Facebook's Message;
    2. Contact CS and tell them your problem.

    Thank you for your feedback.

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