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Thread: Account lost

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    Account lost

    I have been trying to recover my account for a few days without success.
    I also wrote to the tickets but the responses are very slow and they still haven't restored my account.
    I have, as indicated, a second account to replace to receive the first.
    My second account is 63903466

    The server: 406

    The account to refresh: 62742500
    Please restore my account as soon as possible, I've been trying for many days, I would be very grateful if you could restore it.

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    Can you send your invoice of buying if you ever bought packages in games?

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    I can't send to you my invoice of buying

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    The account is still restorable?

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    If your account has been linked to Facebook or Google Play(Apple Game centre in iOS), you can restore your old account in the following ways:
    1. Create a new account;
    2. Go to Setting->Account->Swtich Account;
    3. Select Facebook or Google Play that your previous account has been linked to;
    If you don't link your account to Facebook or Google Play(Apple Game Centre), please do as follows:
    1. Send us screenshots of invoice if you ever bought items in Envoy;
    2. Create another new account on the same server;
    3. Connect the new account to Facebook or Google Play (Apple Game Centre on iOS)
    4. After we check it, you can log in with your old account automatically.

    Thank you!

    If you don't solve this problem, feel free to contact us on Facebook Message.

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