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    Lost Account


    I have lost my account, the user ID is 27382597, this is on server 161.

    I have spent money on this account and would like to be able to use it as i was enjoying the game.

    I can supply invoices linking to my apple ID if required, the game was being played on an IphoneXR.


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    If you can, try another device and relink the account to the proper email address.

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    I have already tried this, and it hasn't worked. I have tried switching accounts, but there isn't an option to link to an email address, and when i try to link to the apple id it isn't connecting, just connecting to the new game which started

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    There is another account linked to it. You have to unlink whatever else is using that email account. Just fixed this problem for myself. You have to find account linked to the original email

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    I appreciate you trying to help, but this hasn't worked. I need support to look at this for me

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    My dear player. If your account has been linked to Facebook or Google Play(Apple Game centre in iOS), you can restore your old account in the following ways:
    1. Create a new account;
    2. Go to Setting->Account->Swtich Account;
    3. Select Facebook or Google Play that your previous account has been linked to;
    If you don't link your account to Facebook or Google Play(Apple Game Centre), please do as follows:
    1. Send us screenshots of invoice if you ever bought items in Envoy;
    2. Create another new account on the same server;
    3. Connect the new account to Facebook or Google Play (Apple Game Centre on iOS)
    4. After we check it, you can log in with your old account automatically.

    Thank you!

    If you don't solve this problem, feel free to contact us on Facebook Message.

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    Im having a similar problem. I was setting up Bluestack in my computer with the multiplayer feature. I managed to set two of my accounts without any problem. The third and last account will synchronizes with my google play account as the other two but this one wont load my game progress (level 25). The account shows my username but it's starting from scratch (level 1). My bubble is down, i need to fix this issue ASAP. Please help me synchronizing my account to my email (google play) again.
    Account ID 59866890, server 302.

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    How can I recover my account if it was unlinked? My ID is 38042880 and the server my old account resides in is 242.

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    I contacted Evony Support, they will ask for some details but the recovered an unlinked account for me

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    Please help me recover my account, Server: 255, email:, Monarch name: VwanLIloyd Level: 21,, Alliance: APA (All Players Alliance). I forgot the ID and Google play name. But it has a new Google Play Account after messing up with the settings, CumulativeVirgo23 (new).
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    Can someone help me please, I lost my account I have been messaging customer support and gotten no results. It has been almost 2 days, my bubble is going to drop and server war is coming. I am keep 27, server 260. I have invested a lot of time and money into this account and don't want lose it. I have followed the steps like they asked of me and still nothing no response. I started a new account gave the proof asked for, I am at a loss.
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