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Thread: i have lost my account data

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    i have lost my account data

    hi. i logged into my account using an android device and without switching my account got replaced. please help me recover.
    my in game account id is 54000026. server: 328. monarch name: Fab Devil

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    My dear liege. If your account has been linked Facebook or Google Play(Apple Game centre in iOS), you can restore your old account in the following ways:

    1. Create a new account;
    2. Go to Setting->Account->Swtich Account;
    3. Select Facebook or Google Play that your previous account has been linked to;

    If you don't link your account to Facebook or Google Play(Apple Game Centre), please do as follows:

    1. Send us screenshots of invoice if you ever bought items in Envoy;
    2. Create a new account on the same server and send us both new and old account's id;
    3. Link your account to Facebook or Google Play (Apple Game Centre)
    4. After we check it, you can log in with your old account automatically.

    Thank you!

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    Hi below are the details.
    Main account Id. 54000026
    New account id. 61490089

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    I have sent the payment proof from ingame support

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    I have same problem of fab devil.
    I have create a new profil in server.
    Hi below are the details.
    Main account Id. 51789942
    New account id. 62173956

    Can you remplace the new account with the old one, please.


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    Connect your new account to Facebook or Google(Apple).

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    When i connect with Facebook, he purpose me to erase my profil Laurent97460.

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    Or can you erase the id. 62173956?

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    Excuse me, i have try to associate un new profil but it's a failure.
    I can't to associate my profil Laurent97460 with facebook or google play
    I have associate un new account with google play:
    GooglePlay: DiscernibleVehicle19
    Id 62284010
    Server 338

    Please can you remplace my profil 62284010 for Laurent97460 id: 51789942
    I have loose my friends and my level up.

    Thanks for your helping.

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    i have find my solution.
    My account is good.


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