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Thread: Serious game glitch during SVS costing me over 200mil power and nearly 4 mil troops

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    Serious game glitch during SVS costing me over 200mil power and nearly 4 mil troops

    Hi there during the current server war there has been constant game glitches which most players here have learned too live with. However on my recent attack minutes ago I was in the enemy server ghosting troops and fighting for the forge, my three marches totalling 200 mil of power were destroyed, not because of me but because they were all on 60 minute rallies. When cancelled too return home they would not cancel, I tried on the main screen and also in the war hall, the rallies would not cancel so I could not port and the troops were not in my keep! How is it they were all destroyed with an attack on an empty keep. Iíve played this game a while and have purchased lots of packs. I am k33 and I did have 282 million power no itís gone over a game glitch 😡

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    My game is is 33767191, Iíve spent over £5000 on this game which I donít mind, if I lose and itís my fault fine Iíll heal, but this was ridiculous my rallies were active and wouldnít cancel so couldnít port back too my server which is 213 my troops shouldnít have been able too be killed but they all was and only received a battle report for one of the rallies even though all were killed. Iíve raised a ticket and included all screenshots but time is running out too revive and Iím not spending another penny until this is resolved and if itís not I need too know as I will pass my alliance WDN on and say my goodbyes. A few server wars ago I was zeroed 3 times and spent £400 on packs too revive, but it was all my fault so donít mind. This however was due too glitches out of my control I will not pay for the games flaws

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