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Thread: Lost account - ticket #206014

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    Lost account - ticket #206014

    I lost access to my primary account That was linked to Facebook. Facebook somehow got linked to my second account and itís still linked to Facebook. CS asked me to create new monarch on my server Linked to GameCenter so they could merge my Primary account to it. Iíve done what was asked and need this done quickly. Why Is it taking so long? Please please help 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    Dear, if your issue has been fixed? I will report your ticket to your CS team and ask for a quicker response. Thank you.

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    Thank you. It has not been fixed.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	1883 received a message from support that they recover account and to try to login into it. It’s still the Monarch1 they had me create and my K29 isn’t linked. Please please help.

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    They linked my K29 account. ��. Thank you. I believe My K24 farm account is Still connected to Facebook. I’m too afraid to try to access it on my phone. Any suggestions on what device/format to open it on?

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    Dear, you could provide me your account ID or nickname. I will check whether it's linked to FB now. You could log in on any device that with your FB if you sure that your account is linked.

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    My Farm account is 28634244 and should be linked to this FB account.

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    Dear, your account 28634244 is not linked to any FB or Google account now. Could you log in to this account now? If not, what account is showing in your device?

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    I was told to create new ~ Server 172 Lvl1 Monarch #54180619 is linked to my Facebook account.

    Server 172 Lvl24 FarmTana #28634244

    please merge as soon as possible. Svs starts soon and I need to bubble my account �������� It’s already been attacked and I’ve lost a sub. ��

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    Dear, the linking operation has finished. Please kindly log in and have a check.

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    I accessed the account. Thank you so much! �� You can finally close out my ticket ��

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