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Thread: A waste of time and money

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    A waste of time and money

    I started playing this game because I was so tired of all the excess I had found in so many other games of this type. I even had my friends join so we could compete. One by one they all quit. You see, they got tired of being bullied by the high $ players telling them "I just want idiot's like you to quit the game" because they didn't fall into line.
    Or being followed all over the map by the strongest alliance on the server, because they left and wouldn't come back and decided not to give away their account.
    They got tired of spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on a game that is so full of glitches that it appears to have been hacked.
    And we are all so over being called liars by customer service, IT, and the developers who are holding on so tight to every dollar you can hear the eagle scream! So After weeks and I do mean weeks, of trying to get our accounts reinstated, refunded and recompensated. We give up, we deleted our accounts that we could get to and Evony can TAFF!!
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