Hi there,

I have tried to go through the support process in the app, but even with this new support platform, there has been no rectification of my issue.
In December last year, I was not able to get into my account, like many people all I faced with was the red wifi signal. I have stable internet and never have issues with it, I am a network engineer by trade and have monitoring tools in place in my home network. This was just a common lag that everyone has encountered.
While I was experiencing this my bubble dropped and I was attacked. There was no report that was ever generated, by looking at my reports I was never hit, but I lost 4mil T12 troops, 850k were able to be healed but I lost the remaining 3mil. I have been trying to get in contact with support to rectify this issue and get my troops back, their responses have ranged from not believing I had those troops, to begin with, blaming my internet, offering 200 gems for compensation, suggesting I am faking this to get an unfair advantage or just not replying at all.
The most recent case took 8 days for a reply, that asked for my patience while 'Joshua' checked with developers. Afterwards, there were 7 days of no communication until the case was closed, no resolution was offered nor was there any communication.
The support process is incredibly flawed, there is no communication with the people who are paying money in this game. No matter how often I tried to escalate the issue, based on your terms of service, specifically the dispute resolution, have not been acknowledged. Can you please take these issues seriously or you will constantly lose players who are spending money.