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Thread: S79 needs a merge

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    S79 needs a merge

    Please let us know when we will get a merge on s79.thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faithful View Post
    Please let us know when we will get a merge on s79.thanks.
    Most probably the updates has been pushed as of now.

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    The point of the game is to continually overhaul, exploration, fabricate, and grow your realm to turn into the most impressive power in all of Evony. In any case, growing an excessive amount of too quick draws the consideration of adversaries, so ensure you structure a partnership or two to secure your realm. There is a whole other world to do than simply assemble, be that as it may, as you convey troops for assaults, fights, and to accumulate supplies to separate the stand by clocks.

    Toward the beginning of the game, you will pick a pioneer from one of seven districts, including America, China, Europe, Russia, Korea, Arabic, and Japan, every one of which has its own interesting rewards. On the off chance that you need assistance settling on that troublesome decision, and that's just the beginning, you've gone to the ideal spot! We will disclose all you require to think about the game in our total Evony control.

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    To give superiors thought for people have been showing an update of this since long time.

    To give players a superior game encounter and dynamic game climate, to make players realize all the more gaming accomplices, to encounter more difficulties, we have chosen to blend workers to fulfill your requirements. The worker will be down when the workers are consolidating, and the worker combine subtleties will be:

    Worker Merge :

    A. ASIA S67 - S79. It's been an 2018 update where it enhances our usage of letting things.

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