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Thread: King's Return

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    King's Return

    As time goes by, do you miss fighting with your old mates? The war has never ended, and your friends
    are looking forward to your return! The magnificent and fascinating new castles are waiting for you to rebuild!
    In the current event, defeating the thief with friends can also gain you the royal treasure! Moreover, exclusive
    King's Return Event is waiting for you to unlock, massive rewards are coming! During the Valentine's Day
    Event Time:

    1. A 30-day inactive player of Keep Level 20 and above, will be able to trigger the Return Event simply by a game login.
    2. There are many quests with massive rewards in the Return Event waiting for you to claim!
    3. Completing a certain number of return quests can also gain you precious Chest Rewards!

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    I do miss my old mates. The price of healing is way to high. I'm at keep 31 and looks like I'm done can't compete. Looks like I'm going back to consoles. Not everyone can afford a hefty bill to heal. $400 to heal 1.5 mill troops that outrages. I haven't told my alliance members but I'm the 8th person to quit this month.

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    Kings Return

    The undead army is only a snipet of the full force. Im sure someone will be able to provide you with the full force listing. If not, give me a shout and I can email you it.

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