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    Im hopeful you can help...Shedevil on s57 was unfairly rolled back to k30. Her Id is 15906365. She had a heart of gold and saved up tons of rss and spends 24/7 in game. She makes up for lack of coining with effort and time spent in game. Restore her k34 because she has done nothing wrong. Never cheated, never bought or sold rss, never bent or broke a single rule. I have NEVER seen someone so active in a game ...she runs boss rallies all day every day....she had been saving her rss since the first whisper of k35 came out in like MAY!!! for someone to say she is accepting illegal rss is absurd. She works very hard and is very PROUD that she had NEVER had to coin to get where she was...
    Please Please some one needs to fix this. She is soo upset of even being accused of such a thing and is of course heartbroken to see all her hard work taken away like that.
    Can you shed any light on what criteria they based this on or how she woould appeal this decision??

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    Oh my goodness, I know Devil from many months ago and knew about her saving resources for so long. She’s a sweetheart.

    I know that many are discouraged to continue playing when amazing players like devil who eat, sleep and live evony get banned. Not very encouraging to see hard work going down the drain. I know most of my alliance, and myself, are considering quitting this game if Evony doesn’t make things right.

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    Myself and quite a few others came from another game with the thought that Evony will be different. For over 2 years, we've made a name and is now one of the top alliance in the server.

    SHEDEVIL is a sweetheart in the server and without doubt one of the most dedicated and active. Never have I seen such dedication in the many games I've been on.

    To be rolled back without a valid reason and proof is simply too much. Unless proof is shown by Evony, which we players that are playing together and know of her dedication of saving up resources and speeds to move to Keep 35, we would be disappointed with Evony and would brand it another money sucking game which is no different from the one we left and came here for.

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    Ridiculous bans! No proof!! Customer support sending robotic, unfeeling responses as to why. They are punishing players who have done nothing. Just another money hungry, money sucking, don’t give a crap about the players game!!!

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