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    Customer support scarlet

    I raised a ticket in game regarding 560k t12 (mix) losing on attack to 500 t11 archers even tho I had t12 archers in the attack as well but I lost cos defenders 100 t10 was able to stand up to 120k t12 ground and 210k t12 mounts.. well scarlet form support replied with this :

    ITs archers, stronger than others no matter the level!
    So what scarlet is saying I lost cos of the atachers are much stronger than t12 horns and amount ... but what happen to my t12 archers ? Please explain to my why scarlet from support said archers are strongest regardless of tier.. please explain why this is

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    Dear Liege
    As I replied you in another post. The battle result was correct. You will lose to the player again with the same setup. Thank you.

    Best Regards

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    As i said to you many times so t11 are stronger than t12 you make no since .. can u explain why results are so different b4 battle field update compared to now? So why promote new features when nothing is right. So from what you and support saying t11 and t12 no big differentbug your in game stats prove different . Stats show one thing results so something else how is that right . What you done is made t11 stronger at the start than made t12 stronger so ppl coin harder to get t12 cos anything under t12 your just not as competitive t12 was need to be able to stand a chance and now after update you you guys have either alter the power or it a glitch. This is a clear problem and you won’t look at it .. so his t11 archer did the damage and what did my archers do .. nothing !! Your game stats show one thing and support says doming elese.. so many reports of t12 beating t11 when t11 have more than double the size yet I guess that report is right and so is this ... you know it’s bullshit.

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