Guagamela Battlefield Preview 1: Battlefield Background

In the autumn of 331 BC, a terrifying meteor shower crossed the sky above the Persian army camp, and the
ominous haze hung over Alexander's heart. Guagamela was the main battlefield of the epic war between the
East and the West. It was a flat, open and slightly undulating sandy land, which is very suitable for cavalry
fighting with strong mobility. And an epic battle that would decide the fate of the two great powers was about
to officially start in this place. The king of the Persian Empire, Darius III, was full of ambition and chose to
make it a decisive place. And his decisive opponent was the military genius Alexander who built a huge empire.

Although the Persian Empire was well prepared for the war and the number of troops occupied an absolute
advantage, the Darius eventually lost the war and even lost the entire Persian Empire. With the superb tactical
command and fearless courage, Alexander won the final victory in the battle of Guagamela. The war also made
Alexander the great glory of the history.

The historical facts have proved that excellent tactics and fearless courage will play a vital role in the victory of
a war. The shocking war has been in history, but the cry of the soldiers to fight for their own empires is still heard.

Now that the battlefield is rising again, do you have the courage to go back to the hot blooded Guagamela and
earn the glory of Alexander?

More previews are coming, stay tuned!