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Once we find its been sold, we will resend it.
Okay... So you've seen its been sold, you acknowledge my friend sold my gears as a prank. You can physically see the sold gears 'indirectly'. I have mails from Jian Sheng Hao and have evidence of his fraudulent bot activity and Ucools attempt to cover it up. All has been recorded and will be posted on every server 1 by 1. All 100 servers will have a link and will discover what you was involved in.

However, send me 6 monarch gears and my missing troops from the previous thread and you will never hear from me again about Jian Sheng Hao or your involvement in the bot. I will be recording my post here too as I know undoubtably you'll delete it. Everything is recorded. I just want my gears and troops back and this don't need to go any further.