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Thread: Important: Update 2.2 and account lost recovery.

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    I can see that I am not the only one who is being completely ignored by Evony. Your happy to take th3 money but incapable of resolving any issues. I too lost an account 5 or 6 weeks ago. I have sent many emails and many tickets with very little success. I was advised to set up new account and provide that id along with lost id and proof of ownership(screenshot). I have done this and have still not been reinstated. I send tickets and get no replies, or a reply that will not open.
    This is completely unacceptable and needs resolving now. Failing that reimburse me money for time lost on the game and lack of progress

    I have complied with everything yo7 hav3 asked me to do.... still no response and no account

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    Ive sent several emails and attached screenshots of gameplay as well as bank statements. Hope someone here can help. I was linking my account and it started a new game. My original game is ID:62564900 and the new is ID:849477 both in 402 server ISM alliance.

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    Dont hold your breath I dont think they will help unless you spend a lot of money. Same happened to me and I got 0d during SVS despite a weeks worth of emails back and forth. They just quit responding when it came to a serious time of need.

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    I was even green bubbled when a multi billion power player hit me. My entire alliance watching it happen. How is that even possible unless he modded the game or gets special ability for spending all that money

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    Ti c ti khoản id 39238445
    Hiện tại khng thể đăng nhập
    Ti khoản 39238445 lin kết với facebook v ti khoản khc lin kết với google.
    Xin hy gip ti

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    Did you servers get merged, because they are wiping everyone that merge, doesn't matter how much you spent, so be careful spending anything as they are just going to take it

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    Por error perdi mi cuenta y quiero recuperarla, agradezco me ayuden a resolver, mi servidor es 355, nombre de jugador PEDROLO11 y numero ID 53548509

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    By accident i unlock my account from phone it was unlinked to facebook.

    Id 59898778 server 278

    Can you helo me i am in BoC tonite

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    Ol hoje perdi uma de minhas contas, preciso de ajuda j tentei de tudo o jogo mesclou minhas contas e no consigo mais acessar a delas.

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    Hola buen da perd el acceso a mi cuenta mi servidor es 434
    Nickname: Zxr😎
    ID: 69566645

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    Is there a solution to this? My iOS phone reset and now moving between accounts only links to FB instead of switching (and more importantly despite the link, it does not open the account!). I have deleted the game, cleared the cache, relogged everything repeatedly. Ive checked safari and Evony settings. What fixes this? Im about to lose a ton if I cant access those accounts.

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