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Thread: Lost account help please

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    Lost account help please

    wrong new account is monarch 18211096 and lost one is 17752992 Cognito

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    wrong new account is 18211096 and lost one is 17752992 Cognito

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    Help I lost my Account and itís not connected anymore. Got a new phone and I hav no information. Please Help

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    I'm very frustrated with the same issue. Last week i contacted them to try to recover my account (16918754) on Server 69. I reached out to James via PM as well (no response). My main concern was the protection shield on my account while the issue is resolved. two days later i got a request to set up a shell account (2319237) so they can transfer old account into new account. In all fairness, this was over the weekend so I am upset about being unshielded, but understand that it might take longer. This morning, I was greeted with a message about closing out the ticket because I hadn't responded to them in two days. Ok, maybe its an auto-generated message and they are working on it, but I really need to get at least some answers. It it being worked on and can you please shield me while this is going on.

    Thank you

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