I was just trying to finish the Lv20 Blacksmith research that I started earlier this evening (22 Nov). As I was trying to use speedups to finish this research, the app. temporarily locked-up due to SvS lag. When the game started responding again, the research had been reset back to Lv19.

I started the Lv20 Blacksmith research shortly after finishing the Lv19 Blacksmith research. The gem/time/gold required were 20,084 gem, 14d 07:42:39 time, and 3,536,000 gold.

When I started this research, I applied 13d 08:00 of speedups to reduce time to completion to less than 24 hours.

At the time the research reset back to Lv19, there was 16:52 (16hr 52min) of time remaining.

Please replace the (312) 1 Hour Speedups and 3,536,000 gold that was lost.

Monarch ID: 12320104
Alliance: [SoW]
Server 25