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Thread: Generals from Package Sales

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    Generals from Package Sales

    Since it's only a "CHANCE" to get the historic general from the 5th level package(which costs a TOTAL of $185 to GET TO, which is retarded) Why not make it available at EVERY level, for the chance to GET the historic general? that would A) Not only get you more paying players, but also B) Would get more players to STAY because they actually GET a chance to get a general, instead of playing for all eternity and never getting enough gold to BUY one in the tavern, because your team is clearly retarded, and lacks the understanding that there is no real reliable way to get and maintain gold for research, upgrading weapons/generals and GETTING Generals. Hell, even PURCHASING gold is out of the question, because the pricing in the black market is not worth it.

    You want players to stay? Change how you do this crap. I guarantee you'll loose less players and lure in more.

    P.S. Fire/kill your support team, they're the #1 reason no one wants to even play anymore. Your pricing for things and % chances are probably reason #2.

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