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Thread: World Boss Glitch

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    World Boss Glitch

    Hey James I have spent about $13,000 on this game and I have had the worst customer service I have ever experienced! I recently hit the world boss as it was a fairy and I hit it for 4b with a senior march! The next day when I woke up I come to find out my score was taken away and my senior march wasnít replaced! This is a problem with the game so shouldnít I be reimbursed? My in game name is BIZCO INCô 15642527 is my ID And Iím on server 54. Please help me because Customer super sent me nothing! This was also my last senior march and cost me first place in the world boss! I feel I deserve my senior march back and a top 3 package from the world boss rewards because you can go back and see I always finish top 3! Thank you
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    I had the exact same issue happen to me & I used an additional senior on the premise I would be getting 1st / 2nd to replenish the loss. Instead I find that my score has been reset & my senior march was not returned. I complained to customer service & got probably the most unhelpful response from the man who goes by Peanut. It is is no way either of our faults that Evony programmers don't know how to do there jobs properly & there is not a chance I will sit here silently without my 2 senior march boosts returned. Monarch ID 13626741, Monarch Name Famigerato. Server 37

    Please assist James between the 2 Evony customer service employees Sergey & Peanut that don't seem to have any concept of the english language I do not see this game having any better of a reputation then its predecessors age 1 & 2 for being anything more then a game ran by crooks who don't give a crap about its player base.

    I'm sure you could have these clowns sacked & replaced with volunteer workers who would do a better job.

    Pls James pass on this feedback to upper management as I've tried to escalate complaints in the past & gotten nowhere.

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    What kind of person, spends $13,000 on a friggin mobile app? Especially when the app has a support team that is NOTORIOUS for NOT helping people?.

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    Dear Liege
    Our supervisor said that you have received the reward so that we will not refund the item or send you the reward package. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    Excuse me! I didn’t receive crap! I will show you what I got because instead of getting my score I should have with my senior march I had to use a junior March and get 13th! So you might want to look again!

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ID:	757now look at those pictures plus the on that shoes what I got on the hit with my senior march that was taken away and tell me how I was awarded what I should have been! Iím giving you guys a chance to make things right! Iím beyond fed up with how you guys do business! I asked for something simple and you guys can never do the right thing! I expect you guys to make it right! Stop being scumbags

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    Quote Originally Posted by James0222 View Post
    Dear Liege
    Our supervisor said that you have received the reward so that we will not refund the item or send you the reward package. Thanks.

    Best Regards
    I have yet to receive my senior march back that was wasted because you guys reset the world boss scores and itís almost been a week! Why is it you all do not care about your players? I mean we spend our hard earned money on this game just to get it wasted by flaws in your game! Iím not asking for much just what I deserve and thatís it! I think I have payed half an employees yearly wages alone for your company so the least you all can do is give back what your game has taken!

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    Dear Liege
    We've just returned a Senior March to you. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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