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Thread: Terrible support

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    Terrible support

    Something really needs to be done about the abysmal support provided in game.

    The people on support like Sergey, do not read the messages at all. The responses never have anything to do with the question or issue.

    This is not a one off thing, this is an issue for every single user for every single support request. The staff members do not read the messages and respond with completely irrelevant stuff.

    It's so painful to pay money to this game and spend days or weeks going around in circles with support. I'm going to start getting refunds on my purchases if this doesn't change.

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    Refunds on your purchases will make them knock your account progress back based on what you've spent the gems and materials from the packs on :/

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    All their support has to do is read the message and reply properly, instead of copy/pasting a response that isn't even related to the issue.

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