Seriously... again ?

This isn't the first time,... or the second,... nor the third....


Just go back and look thru the threads in this forum alone. This problem isn't new, it's not happening to just a few people, and its usually tied to game updates. This has been an ongoing issue since *before* I started here in February.

It is simply unbelievable that this continues to happen. And the problem could be completely eliminated with one simple change...

ADD A LOGIN PAGE. Once *your* app. breaks the account link, there is no way to reestablish that game link.

I've spent over six hours today, trying to get back into the game. More than two hours in chat with the Google Play Store to eliminate all other possibilities. Every other Google function and every other game on my phone works fine.

This time it's a result of switching to a new phone - also not a new cause for this problem. And despite trying every possible combination of clearing caches, uninstalling and reinstalling today, your app. still will not relink to my existing Google Play account.

In four prior instances my troops were wiped/zeroed and despite promises, nothing was ever returned to even replace the gem, the resources and the speedups I used building those troops.

And by the time Evony even gets around to sending the canned reply, it will likely be the FIFTH TIME.

You want to know why every one of your servers starts dying-off after 2-3 months ? It's because these same problems persist, update after update. Because there is very little in the way of tech support. Because there is nothing done to compensate players for their losses due to the numerous and repeated problems with this game. Because when failed game updates and server crashes deleted items from their inventory, Evony refuses to replace game items we've paid for and earned thru months of game-play. Items that simply disappeared from their accounts. Because Evony can spends millions of dollars on television advertising, yet nothing to resolve server crashes and game lag that occurs EVERY SvS.

I have TWO active accounts. The first REACHED VIP16 FIVE MONTHS AGO. I have nearly 3 MILLION VIP points. The second account is VIP14 that I reached in July with nearly 1MILLION VIP points. At $400 of in-app. purchases per 100,000 VIP points, do the math on how much those points represent.

And what happened to submitting screen-shots for proof ???

My two active account Monarch IDs and their respective Google Play accounts they are separately linked to, are listed below:

Monarch ID: 12320104 (RePeteAgain)

Monarch ID: 16238210 (buffdriver)