Issues in gane

James, I first contacted customer support re: an issue where I was losing points when I attacked and killed monsters. These were attacks I won with no wounded and no killed. As customer support usually ask for ss, I had those. Customer support told me it would be investigated and corrected. The next thing I heard was to reload my game. I did that with no change. Customer support then told me it was a display issue and I really hadn't lost anything. After that, despite numerous attempts by me, I received no response for over a month until I sent an email to forums. A day later I received an apology and a promise to correct the original issue and another issue I had due to bad connection and Evony doing whatever they did when they took game off line. Nothing was done and I've received no other communication. I can send ss of the entire conversation that has been going on for well over 1 month. I continue to have connection issues. In addition, it has come to the attention of several of us in server 61, there was cheating during the server War with server 52. This included sharing of ACCTS and trading points on tiles. We have ss of conversations to verify this and ss of conversation claiming the only people being cheated was Evony because them trading points boosted the gem prize pool. Please respond. Thank you, Gahosta