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Thread: Couldn't log in for hours lost all troops

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    Couldn't log in for hours lost all troops

    So I couldnt log in for hrs this morning and when I final log in my bubbled pop and I got hit and lost everything I left an 8 hr bubble but because I couldn't log in I lost all of my troops over 2mil I lost rss and 2 blue subs because they game wouldn't let me log in, and no i didn't have issue with my internet or cell service how Will you fix this I spent over $8000 on this game this is not something that can just be ignore this needs to be fix I want my troops back something

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    I have attach screenshots of the attack i was not able to log in to defend my self and no i lost everything I want my troops back I am in the process of healing those that was wounded but I want those troops that died back due to me not being able to log in
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    Dear Liege
    Our admin said that we don't see any server or network warnings, nor we had massive report for login problems during that time that we could not re-send the troops to you.

    Best Regards

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    My friends was online and I have a screenshot showing I was not able to log in so why cant this be done I need my troops back I couldn't log in unto to no fault on me

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    So your gonna continue to ignore me I wasn't able to log in because of the game it was the the game not me and now u are basically telling me it isnt you're problem give me back my troops

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    You guys are thieves the game had issues but because it wasn't the whole damn server I can be refunded my troops and instead of answer my messages or looking into more the in gsme customer service deletes my tickets and you just ignore me completely

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    Your sever has been crashing since SvS started and you ignored my first post about how it's been crashing now I lost 400k because I couldn't get in in time while on the enemy server return my troops

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    Yep, I suggest you file complaints to Google/Apple, eventually they'll loose their licensing with them because of how bad their support is and the number of complaints.

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    I have alanthier they refuse to take responsibility for there own mistakes and are ignoring me complete he can reply to others but just passes my issuse completely

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