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Thread: Does not log

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    Angry Does not log

    This morning the game is trying to start again and again, what’s happening ?

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    Same problem with my server too, second d time this week it's happened too, sort it out evony are stable servers too much of an ask?

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    Same problem. Server down or...?

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    I'm having trouble logging int my account on Server 68. Have been all morning.

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    Im in s26 and have been having same problem since last night. No one could log in. Same problem has been happening again for the last hour. Evony has not even sent out an apology mail for their fock up. Im expecting more than their bullshit ass 2k gems.

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    On s46 we all are having same problem please fix we are moving city and cant get on to move players to new location to help with build and you only have so long to complete the build. So please fix the issue . my player name is ChaosNeytiri

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    Server 59 having same issue, Red WiFi disconnection

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    Server 50 is having the same issue. Happened about 30 minutes or so before new server day last night. Worked for me this morning now going on an hour plus since been doing it again today

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    Same issue on server ability to do anything...

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    Same here I just hope I'm not zeroed

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    Dear Liege
    Sorry for the inconvenience. We met an unexpected data base problem. And it should have been fixed by now. Thank you.

    Best Regards

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