I know this is a minor issue compared to some out there, but I'm getting pretty tired of asking and wasting time and currency on name change items. So please, tell us what the rules are. What makes a name "inappropriate"?

The name I want is: Niʞlicious (Pancake Emoticon)

Here's a bit of my testing.

Appropriate: Niʞ (Pancake Emoticon)
Appropriate: Niʞlicious
Not Appropriate: Niʞlicious(Pancake Emoticon)
Not Appropriate: Niʞlishus(Pancake Emoticon)
Not Appropriate: Niʞlshus(Pancake Emoticon)
Not Appropriate: Niʞlshyus(Pancake Emoticon)

So... as before, all the parts of the name I want are appropriate. But not when I put them together. Why is this?!