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Thread: Scouted & attacked while bubbled

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    Scouted & attacked while bubbled

    About 3 days ago while still under a 3 day bubble I was scouted then attacked. Yes I was still recuperating from a bubble pop from your last update witch I have come to realize as normal because that's what Evony says. Well this time IT IS NOT NORMAL. I had a 3 day bubble and was only 1 day in, I still had 2 days left of the bubble.I reported this WITH screenshots, but as usual no response. My id is 10616668

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    Come on will u please answer

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    Won't do you any good if he does answer. I had the same exact problem, zeroed and lost my good subs and evony/James did absolutely nothing to fix it. Just pretend it never happened and ignored. Just contact Apple using your emailed recites or google play.

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    Dear Liege
    You scouted other players which broke your bubble. And there should have been a warning popping out right before you send out scout. Thanks.

    Best Regards

    2017-09-28 04:13:52 10616668 9 - Production-9 cevonymob_web44 - clearPeaceShield_sendTroop type is 9

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    I did not scout anyone. Even if I did I would have gotten a report saying I scouted, but I got no message,I have no report saying I scouted anyone, because I DID NOT HAPPEN! I sent u everything that happened.

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