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Thread: Botched timing losing me troops

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    Botched timing losing me troops

    Ok, I saw an unbubbled city in a hive near to ours and decided to attack it (I know fairly normal stuff) anyway I decided to camp attack the city cause I didnt want to waste a port and it normally works well with this hive. So I am coming close to this spot where I am planning to attack from when someone from their alliance decides to occupy the same tile and as I know he is bigger and it says I have time left (about 10 seconds) I decide to recall the troops however as I go to do this the march lands (going straight from 10 to 0 on the timer) and I lose. I shouldnt have lost cause it shouldnt have landed and I lost 100k troops (though im not really bothered) and it is going to cost me 30 mil lumber and 10 mil food and stone to heal (which im angry at), this is the games fault as I thought i had time to recall and it then just landed though I wanted it not to. Can I please either have my troops that are in the hospital healed or the rss to heal them?

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    Dear Liege
    Could you give us your user id number to check please? But I am not sure that if we could do anything on your case. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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