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Thread: Careless support

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    Careless support

    When Will i have my account ?? I just wanna know Cause i have been online with This monarch account since i have lost my account and Its not funny Can i have my account or u want me to quit the game just give me honest answear so i know What i have to do.. u have packages for 99.99 dollar and ur support is not even worth of 1 cent i have spend alot money on that account already so please relink my account i am very mad How cant u guys relink my account in 4 days and Its a new server

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    They don't care. Just like a lot of people have lost gems to the x10 cultivation option. If your general isn't starred and you choose the wrong combinations of lock-in options, it doesn't even give you a UI popup for cancel/continue, it auto cancels, consume the gems, and doesn't say anything. There isn't even any info on it, I sent a ticket and they gave a BS excuse about it, and said "we will implement an information notification in a future update" about the prerequisites. This lack of customer support is one of the reasons Age 1 and 2 failed.

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