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Thread: Please relink my account

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    Dear Liege
    That's weird. It works for most of the players. We cannot help if it doesn't work. And we can see that the account is still being played. Thanks.

    Best Regards
    Look font play fool i need compendation for u couldnt link my account in 5 days i had 3 Day shield when i contact u on evony forum and made a ticket game and i did also contact ur facebook so i lost 6 subs all of Them purple and Blue and i lost 80 million each resource and i lost prestige and many others events in 5 days so please take a look to my account i am a coiner

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    Look if u dont give any compensation Then me and some of my friends Will quit This game for ever so please it just a start of This server and i lost my progress Because of the error of the game Its unlicked my account for 5 days and u guys couldnt relink my account and Now Its still same id it should be another id so i could buy cheap package all my package cost 99.99

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    Hey James dont be like that fix my City

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    James i am still waiting for my loss to recover u forgot me buddy

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