Dear evony the hospital cap really needs to be raised yea i bet at the time of the game it seemed nice to set it where its at now but its too low nowadays people are in the millions on millions of troops n its crazy how we only can save so little my research is maxed out for it so im maxed on it but ive been down here in flordua doing hurricane relief with the national guard n had no service and my bubble pops and i log on and my 1.6m troops gone n only could heal so many its crazy the hospital cap needs really to be re thought of im out so much rss n time n effort its crazy i honestly dont feel like playing this game much any more after all ive spent n done on here its like a waste of time please raise it and honestly if you could hook me up with something to help rebuild that 1.3m troops i lost it would be great thanks for ur time and please seriously raise the hospital cap